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Foundational Health Seminar, Omaha NE

I will be teaching this with Denise Thompson, BANT practitioner and Master Herbalist.

Topics covered will include:

1. Start Here! Nutritional Foundations, Principles, And Other Practical Tips

Contrary to what some would have us believe, there is no one diet for everyone. However, what has emerged from historical evidence and trends, current science and a growing body of clinical and anecdotal experience, are some pretty solid starting baselines that will point most of us in the direction of more full, sustainable health and performance, and on our way to becoming a citizen scientist in further personalizing for full health, your full goals, full you, and full life!

2. Fact From Fiction & The #1 Cause of Death

Overview of what research and evidence actually indicates about the causes of lifestyle diseases (heart disease, dementia, diabetes, etc) vs. bad and bias science… and how to start getting results.

3. Fortifying the Immune System – Don’t just manage illness, keep your family healthy. 

Learn common lifestyle choices and "healthy" products that cripple the immune system, “unhealthy” foods and other unexpected choices that Fortify immunity, as well as other remedies, supplements and therapies.

4. Intro to Vaccines:

Review of research on both sides of the issue, alternatives and why. 

Complete with intro to “childhood disease” homeopathics.