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"When I met Marshall I had been experiencing black outs and dizziness as well as ongoing kidney problems for several years during which I had been pursuing help and understanding from a multitude of traditional doctors and specialists with no sign of improvement. Marshall, from a literally holistic approach, was able to determine the root of the problem and suggest a program for healing that actually worked. Marshall not only helps me overcome poor health, he also continues to educate me which enables me to understand and care for my own health. As Marshall's client and student I have experienced a huge shift in the way I think, live and make choices, and a lot of the fear that arises from unfamiliar health concerns and health “emergencies” has been diminished."

–Ashley Parker, Abilene, Texas


"Upon consulting with Marshall, my family and I have noticed a remarkable change in quality of living.  Though skeptical at first, after watching allergies disappear, infections subside, and overall health increase, Marshall has become my first phone call when seeking most any health issues - whether treatment or prevention.  His level of knowledge on how the body works together as a whole surpasses that of most traditional doctors."

- Kyle Stallard, Houston, Texas


"Marshall Thompson has been a window into the world of natural health care... a world that up until 3 years ago when I became acquainted with Marshall, I was basically unaware of.  Being prone to sinus infections, colds and other respiratory problems, Marshall helped me through several of these episodes, and I am now equipped with increased knowledge of how to help myself with vitamins, supplements, herbs, salt, lemons etc.  This knowledge is helpful in relieving symptoms and preventing further infections, and has enabled me to help my children and grand-daughter with similar symptoms.  Our family continues to learn from Marshall, and he is extremely patient in explaining the supplements, herbs and remedies he recommends and how they effect our body's organs and functions.  Marshall has educated us on how to improve our nutritional practices with healthy and organic foods as well.  His recommendations of supplement programs have definitely improved my overall health!"

-Naomi Wheeler, Alamogordo, New Mexico