In the spring of 2014, I decided to start training for competitive Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), and in 2015 for Ultra Trail Running events.

I did so not simply to be the best at any cost, but instead with the goal of cultivating peak performance while demonstrating a better way to live, train, eat and recover for both longevity of performance improvements and quality of life tomorrow and thereafter. To discover my full potential as a sustainable athlete, and help others do the same. See race highlights below…

Race Highlights To Date:

Tough Mudder (Colorado): 2nd place overall (2014)

  • Warrior Dash (Connecticut): 6th place overall (2014)

  • Mummy Range Traverse (20 mile traverse of six 13K-peaks primarily off trail in Rocky Mountain National Park, 2014)

  • World's Toughest Mudder (Las Vegas, NV): 30 Miles* (2014)

    • until stomach virus forced me to stop.

  • Hard As Nails Mud Run (Broomfield, CO): 2nd place overall (2015)

  • Insanity Mud Run (Larkspur, CO): 4th place overall (2015)

  • Rugged Maniac (Colorado): Top 5 finish time overall (2015)

  • The Grand Traverse: 40 mile mountain trail run (Colorado, 2015)

  • Rugged Maniac (Colorado): 13th overall (2016)

  • Spartan Sprint - Elite (Houston, TX): 6th in age group (2016)

  • Spartan Beast - Elite (Montana): 17th in age group (2016)

  • Spartan Super - Elite (Ft.Carson, CO): 16th in age group (2016)

  • Spartan Sprint - Elite (Ft.Carson, CO): 13th in age group (2016)

  • Ragnar - Trail (Colorado): 1st place men's ultra team, 4th overall (2016)

  • Collegiate Peaks 50k (Colorado, 2016)

  • Spartan Beast - Competitive (Breckenridge, CO): 4th in age group, 15th overall (competitive)

  • Never Summer 100k (Colorado, 2016)

  • Frozen Dead Guy 50k (Colorado, 2017)

  • Ultimate Direction Dirty 30 (50k, Colorado, 2017)

  • Tougher Mudder (Snowmass, CO): 2nd in age group (2017)

  • Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail Race (Colorado, 2018)

  • Rugged Maniac (Denver, CO): 1st Place overall (2018)

  • Spartan Beast (Breckenridge, CO 2018): Top 10 Age Group time, 22nd in Elite Mens

    • An already off day took a worse turn when I went the wrong way up hill for .5miles with only 1.5miles left in the race). Otherwise I would have been 13th in Elite Men's and 1st place time among Age Groupers.

  • Spartan Sprint (Breckenridge, CO): 1st Place Overall across all Age Groups, Top 10 course time among Elite Men as well (2018)

  • Cerus LUV Obstacle Course Race (Loveland, CO): 4th Place Overall (2018)

  • Cerus RUK Obstacle Course Race (Loveland, CO): 1st Place Overall (2018)

2019: Running For Change - Help me spread Full Health & Life for ALL across the globe, from the dirt up!

Savory Logo.png

In 2019 I am partnering with the non-profit The Savory Institute, to raise funds and awareness for sustainable agriculture and soil restoration around the globe in areas effected by desertification.

Desertification/soil restoration is a major direct influencer on issues of famine, poverty, flooding, wildlife and ecosystem, global warming, war torn regions, and refuge population around the world. It's estimated 50 million people will be displaced within the next 10 years due to desertification.

That’s where The Savory Institute comes in.

They empower local farmers, villages, communities, regions, and governments to not only stop but actually reverse such devastating damage! Moreover, the quality of the plant life and livestock that can thrive on such restored soil means not just minimal food for survival for these regions, but nutrient dense food that can be the foundation to truly sustainable Full Health & Life for anyone, anywhere! Worthy of even the most stringent health food store standards!

In other words, we shouldn’t have to be privileged or wealthy to be healthy, and with this regenerative agricultural approach, no one has to be!

The kind of work the Savory Institute is involved in is the most efficient and effective way to restore soil that can be adapted anywhere in the world, and restoring soil is likely the single most important and effective way to bring positive, lasting change in ALL of the above mentioned global issues.

In fact, you can start voting with your dollar for this change, by purchasing only 100% Grass-fed beef, asking your farmer if they practice rotational grazing, or regenerative practices, or searching for products that are Ecologically Outcome Verified.™

See some before and after photos below of work they've been involved in: