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Running and Respiration Skill: "Efficient Mechanics, Biology, and Sustainable Endurance" (90-minute training clinic relevant to any sport)

  • Axistence Athletics 1950 South Quebec Street Denver, CO, 80231 United States (map)

Running and Respiration Skill:
"Efficient Mechanics, Biology, and Sustainable Endurance
" (90-minute training clinic relevant to any sport)

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Building on the introduction class, this will include:

  • Basic Individualized video analysis and feedback on running form, gait, and cadence.
  • More in-depth breakdown of efficient running and movement mechanics.
  • More movement drills and training tips, as well as time to practice together what we’ve learned and receive instruction and feedback.
  • Breathing as a skill: The game changer we all do to survive, but few do well, and the elite who are breaking the perceived limits of science and altering genetics.
  • Science based training: strength training, speed intervals, junk miles, and training for the actual desired response and results vs. following the crowd.
  • Biology of Endurance:
    • Why foot strike isn’t just about mechanics and comfort;
    • Nutrition for sustainable endurance & athlete disease risk.
    • Lifestyle influences on performance, health, and longevity Energy and nutrient drains you may not expect.
    • A look into accumulative stress.
    • A look at Heart Rate training, Heart Rate Variability, Vo2Max, Lactate threshold, going hard, going easy, and the majority in a rut between.
    • Sleep, Rest, and Recovery tools, tips and best practices, and when they barely count at all.

Cost: $40 ($25 for Axistence Members)

Date: Saturday, Mar. 6th, 2016
Time: 1:00 - 2:30pm

Class Size: 14 spots available

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