I am all about full health, and being a sustainable athlete. From where my food is sourced and how it is grown, to the nutrient density of that food to maintain full health and performance. Add to that the need for it to also often be on the go between my full-time health and endurance coaching practice, training for ultra-endurance mountain and obstacle course races, and converting a school bus to a tiny house to be able to adventure full-time... It becomes a tall order.

Nonetheless, Wilde rises to the challenge in delicious fashion!


Few companies, if any, have stayed so true to the science of natural biomechanics in their shoe design as Vibram has with their Five Fingers. Where other companies ebb and flow with minimal vs. maximal shoe trends-- placing crutch-like "support" and rigidity where it doesn't belong, and rarely ever enough room for the foot to express its full footy potential-- Vibram obsessively insists on avoiding any hindrance, but rather potentiating the built in intelligent- technology of the feet.
Not to mention their soles are among the most reliable in the world!

This is why I am proud to partner with them!
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P R O J E C T   M O V E    Littleton, CO

P R O J E C T   M O V E

Littleton, CO

In partnership with Project Move, I recently began the process of building out 3000sq. feet of indoor facility with over 20 obstacles, plus outdoor obstacles (and plans to add more)!

This will be the first facility of it's kind with this extent of dedicated space for truly OCR specific training equipment in the Denver/Boulder metro, let alone with accompanied expert coaching! 

Of course, this will be in addition to PM's already fully functional Crossfit training facility/schedule, Kettlebell specific training, and much, much more!


Where I primarily train in-person and Instruct group OCR, Running and Endurance programs.

Ever in pursuit of the best of what works, rather than being confined to one school of thought, Axistence is rapidly becoming the most well-rounded fitness center in Denver. It isn't just a gym though, but an academy to prepare you for any outdoor, athletic, or day-to-day physical challenge.