Obstacle Course Race Training @ Project Move

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Obstacle Course Race Training @ Project Move

from 25.00

The most in-depth training with an OCR expert coach and elite racer, at the most fully-equipped Obstacle Course Race training center in the Denver metro.

Get hands on training on 20+ obstacles, combined with expert coaching to develop the strength, speed, endurance, skills and techniques for any obstacle a race could throw at you, as well as learning to run better in-between on any terrain.

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  • 2x a week, 1-hour classes

    • Varying training focus in each class so as to turn weaknesses into strengths, refine skills, train for any course distance, and make you obstacle proof!

  • With coach Marshall Thompson, Spartan SGX II + Obstacle Specialist Coach, MovNat Trainer II, Running Technique Specialist, Barefoot Training Specialist, CPT (more about his background in OCR)

  • Obstacles Include:

1. Monkey Bars
2. Multi-Rig
3. Spear Throw
4. Rope Climb
5. 6' Vertical Wall
6. 8' Vertical Wall
7. Through wall
8.Inverted wall
9. Z-Wall
10. Olympus Wall Traverse
11. Sled Drag
12. Atlas Stone Carry
13. Sandbag Carry
14. Bucket Carry
15. Tire Flip
14. Hercules Hoist
16. Cargo Net
17. Wire Crawl
18. Ape Hanger (Rope ladder traverse)
19. Tyrollean (Rope) Traverse
20. Balance beams
21. Slack line
22. Peg board
and more!


  • Mondays & Wednesdays

    • 6:30 - 7:30pm

  • One Saturday, every other month

    • 90:00 Class

  • Class frequency to increase as demand does.

  • Open gym availability for small groups on a case-by-case basis until further notice.



  • Obstacle Training Membership:

    • $109/Month (8 classes a month)

    • $20 for extended weekend class ($35 non-members)

  • Obstacle Training + Crossfit Membership:

    • Unlimited Crossfit Classes: $150

      • OCR membership add-on: +$30

    • 3x/week Crossfit Classes: $129

      • OCR membership add-on: +$30

  • Punch Card (10 visits*):

    • $200

  • Drop-in (attend any class, anytime of your choosing):

    • $25/Class

    • $35/extended weekend class

*Punch card expires 6 months after date of purchase