Personal Training (In-Person)

Personal Training (In-Person)

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If you want more consistent training guidance, feedback, video review, or even in-person coaching, my training philosophy is Full Body. Full Health. Full Life. Full You.

In our chronically stressed and over-trained society, smart training and even better recovery is more essential than ever to continual improved performance now, as well as quality of health and life later.

I like to keep things simple, to find the minimal or most concentrated effective dose for the desired results in training. To train correct, efficient movement that can take you the distance when it matters and leave something in the tank to have a life when you’re done-- Whats the right movements, in the right amount, at the right intensity, at the right time, for the right duration... nothing more or less. Destroying one's self with an intense workout or mile after mile of cardio can have its place, but without accurate programming, often simply leads to diminishing returns, increased need for recovery time, increased risk for injury, and slowed progress. 

Developing whole body strength and mobility with correct movement as one unit— the often-neglected connective tissue with the major muscle groups— is key to avoiding common injuries and enjoying longevity of health and performance. I look for imbalances and weakness in clients, some muscles over compensating for others, that can be corrected early to make the whole system stronger, sooner.

Finally, quality nutrition, environment and self care are essential to the greatest potential for results from all of the above, while not sacrificing quality or longevity of health, relationships and performance for temporary burnout short cuts as is so often the case.

Heavily influenced by teachings and training philosophies such as that of human movement and performance giants  Erwan Le CorreBrian MacKenzieKelly StarrettPavel Tsatsouline, and Chris Sommer, as well as studying centuries of global health knowledge,  I’ll put to work my lifetime of continual health experience, education and research into everything that does and does not get results in each of these areas to support you and your goals.


Individual In-Person Training Sessions

Will generally take place at Axistence Athletics, my home, a park or the foothills. On a case-by-case basis I have been able to commute to a convenient destination of a clients choosing, for additional cost to cover commute time.

  • 10-minute email / phone / video Q&A = $15

  • 20-minutes email / phone / video Q&A = $45

  • Single 1-Hour phone / video / in-person Q&A or training session = $95


**All 1-Hour Personal Training sessions purchased in supplement to a 3-Month commitment to programming or coaching packages are $75/Hour. **


Running Technique / Gait / Efficiency Video (and/or In-Person) Analysis

Includes Analysis and Assessment of:
  • Weight and Force distribution
  • Center of Gravity
  • Tension and relaxation,
  • Horizontal Rotation and Vertical Oscillation
  • Posture
  • Gait (cadence, foot plant, stride, pace, etc)
  • Heart Rate and Breathing patterns
  • Unnecessary and inefficient energy drains in form  
  • Likewise, unsustainable and unnecessary areas of tension, force, trauma and generation of inflammation (thereby, further nutrient and energy draining, inefficient, and increasing the likelihood for extended recovery at best, and risk of injury most assuredly).

Whether in-person or across the globe, this always includes slow motion and still footage. The footage is then clearly illustrated with detailed written and/or audio annotation to accompany so that you can see for yourself what can be improved on while it is explained. I can shoot this for you in-person and give immediate feedback, or you can send me video from anywhere in the world based on the specifications I request.

Then What?
  • Includes customized training tips, tools and resources that meet you where you are, and get you started toward your full potential for natural human performance.
    • Warm-ups and drills for correcting technique and retraining inefficient movement patterns
    • Additional video resources to reference for what it "should" look like.
    • Helpful visualizations, analogies, and other cues to feel, understand and "get it."
    • Supplemental training suggestions outside of running and the gym to more rapidly and holistically improve.
    • Suggested initial training parameters based on where you're at, and where you want to be-- including frequency, duration, heart rate (intensity), breathing, pace, etc. 

** Also INCLUDES 10% discount on follow-up analysis and reassessment.**