Running Analysis (Video and/or In-Person)


Running Analysis (Video and/or In-Person)

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Running Technique / Gait / Efficiency Video (and/or In-Person) Analysis

Includes Analysis and Assessment of:

  • Weight and Force distribution
  • Center of Gravity
  • Tension and relaxation,
  • Horizontal Rotation and Vertical Oscillation
  • Posture
  • Gait (cadence, foot plant, stride, pace, etc)
  • Heart Rate and Breathing patterns
  • Unnecessary and inefficient energy drains in form  
  • Likewise, unsustainable and unnecessary areas of tension, force, trauma and generation of inflammation (thereby, further nutrient and energy draining, inefficient, and increasing the likelihood for extended recovery at best, and risk of injury most assuredly).

Whether in-person or across the globe, this always includes slow motion and still footage. The footage is then clearly illustrated with detailed written and/or audio annotation to accompany so that you can see for yourself what can be improved on while it is explained. I can shoot this for you in-person and give immediate feedback, or you can send me video from anywhere in the world based on the specifications I request.

Then What?
  • Includes customized training tips, tools and resources that meet you where you are, and get you started toward your full potential for natural human performance.
    • Warm-ups and drills for correcting technique and retraining inefficient movement patterns
    • Additional video resources to reference for what it "should" look like.
    • Helpful visualizations, analogies, and other cues to feel, understand and "get it."
    • Supplemental training suggestions outside of running and the gym to more rapidly and holistically improve.
    • Suggested initial training parameters based on where you're at, and where you want to be-- including frequency, duration, heart rate (intensity), breathing, pace, etc. 

** Also INCLUDES 10% discount on follow-up analysis and reassessment.**