Impromptu Consults + Coaching by The Minute

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Impromptu Consults + Coaching by The Minute

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10+ Minute ASAP Impromptu Phone Sessions

Life happens. To help support those unexpected, ASAP needs, concerns and questions for you and your loved ones, I allow my clients to call me any time, day or night for quick consulting without an appointment. I try to make myself available as often as possible and will answer if I am able. If I am not available, I will return voicemails as soon as I can, if I can that day. If you don’t hear from me in the same day and still need assistance on a following day, please call again.

Because of the impromptu nature of this service, you can purchase ahead of time, or I can simply take your payment information over the phone at the conclusion of the call. Either way, these sessions are not among those you schedule in advance as you would other longer sessions.

Impromptu sessions start at 10:00 ($20), and are charged $2.00/Minute above* 10:00.

  • *Anything requiring 15:00 or greater in duration is strongly encouraged to be scheduled.

Phone/Video Coaching By The Minute: 

For those seeking a more budgeted approach and confident in their own note taking skills, you can schedule coaching calls with me that do not include written programs.

  • Available in 15, 30, 45, or 60-minute time slots, at $2.00/Minute

  • Can be utilized to answer questions, do muscle testing (applied kinesiology) over the phone, etc.

  • While completing intake formsfood journals or submitting lab work in advance is not required for these sessions, doing so will allow the calls themselves to be much more productive. Otherwise we may need to spend more or less of the call going over the health background and context so that I can make better informed suggestions.

  • Can also be used to analyze any other personal health data, lab results, etc, aside from or in addition to intake forms.

    • To have me review any health data in advance is also $2.00/Minute, and available only in $30, 45 or 60-Minute increments. 

    • To have me supply rough notes (not a program) from these sessions is available at the same price and increments as health data review.

  • While much can often be accomplished in an hour with you taking your own notes, how much exactly is very individualized based on how complicated the given health challenge or questions. I generally spend several hours on each program that I write (in addition to the coaching call), so these calls, though no doubt productive, will absolutely not achieve the same breadth or depth.